Friday, July 26, 2013

just want to see my pictures and old notes

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just A Wondering......

Where did April go? Here I've planned on at least doing monthly updates and April already almost gone and that just dawns on me now.! I guess I spent it busily! Our trip to West Virginia and Kentucky during the first week was wonderful!! If I could have frozen time I'd stayed there a while longer, but I'm sure my niece was happy to have her room back. ( yes I did say that, as most people know that is really a rarity, I'm usually a wreck before and on occasion during this said trip) I thought maybe it was just a chance of attitude, but then a good friend had me re think that., I'd told her " I spent alot of my time reading my BIBLE" so then she asked along this line Was it the WORD and spending time with JESUS that bought me such peace or the chance of attitude, and I answered " I guess both. "

During the weekend of our return,we spent Saturday afternoon with another good friend Karen and my mom, though we all went to the fire department to visit her husband Phil it was more so a visit for Matthew, he loves firetrucks and he got to play bean bags (corn hole) also, his second favorite. I 'd say that child had a great day., the next day was Easter Sunday and again we spent time w/ my mom, brother and their families, and it was nice to be at our Church, and having Matthew take part in the Easter egg hunt. Sunday Evening there was a Easter Play at Church and everyone did an amazing job.

Matthew and I went on a field trip to a farm with the home schoolers from our church, He had a blast, he could so be a farm boy, he loves being outside and sure enjoys the animals.

Other than that, I guess we spent the remaining days doing the norm, and it sure did pass by
way to quickly. Hope everyone is well! I'm off to read my Bible and go to sleep, good night.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Well here I am again with the monthly update, and an interesting month it has been. My computer had been been overheating, the mouse didn't want to work right and the keyboard stopped working to, those problems were easily curable, my hubby vacuumed out the computer and I bought an inexpensive mouse and new keyboard. We fixed it no so much for us but for Matthew, he really enjoys watching videos that are related to anything that does with his favorite characters and fire trucks. The girls got sick, Jackie had a virus and Amanda had an infected tooth so then there were doctor/ dentist visits to tend too but this past week takes the cake~ The car was broken down ~ something to do with the ignition which was fixed yesterday, so I had no transportation b/c Jr had my van, and to tell you the truth I didn't miss driving at all, the girls on the other did, Amanda walked to and from school, and Jackie got a ride or bought the bus home and I know they were sore and tired and for that I did feel a bit bad for them, but then again I was here at home, fighting a stomach virus or something similarly related, b/c I sure wasn't feeling up to par, was nauseated, had cramps , and was running a slight fever so needless to say I didn't accomplish much. This week I do hope things will be better, I've got lots of cleaning and packing to b/c come Friday we're off to West Virginia and I'm so looking forward to getting away. Well that should do it for now, I hope everyone has a great month.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Back on Track

Yeah!! We're back on track, we on our doing took a detour and of course it threw off our schedule or should I say Matthews'. He was in the process of being potty trained and was doing a really great job but then we went away for a mini vacation to a water park/ hotel as we try to do something fun and family oriented each year for Valentines Day. This year though Jr. made a surprise stop, something he normally wouldn't do~~ It was to the Jelly Belly Factory. We did the tour, I won't say how that was, for I don't want to spoil it for those that might be going, but I did find some good deals in their store, and I never really realized how great those Jelly Belly's tasted, very yummy!, Okay, back to the original reason I'm writing. The days following our return home, He (Matt) had to get readjusted to the routine and thus had several accidents, but now We are back on track.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm still here !

Hi blogging world , bet you were all still wondering if I still had the Internet. The answer is yes, but I hardly ever get to use it, the bigger and the mini computer monsters are usually here. I'd snuck in here sometime ago, because Matthew went to sleep early. I've been busy though and it wasn't exactly fun. I was in the search for some papers, documents and the like, and well lets just say I'm no way organized in that department or more importantly wasn't.
My husband and I have burned, shredded, and cut many many papers. The filling cabinet has nothing in it, the two totes are gone, and anything left over took 1 milk crate. It was a long, aggravating process and I'm glad its done. I've only been meaning to do it for the last 1 and 1/2 years, I've done countless pages on line for a personal matter, which I'm not going to worry about, I've given that to the Lord, and He will do as He sees fit. This week was the taxes, which I do myself, and now a few hours free time. I've also got some sorta good news, my weight is slowly going down, I've limited my salt and soda intake and just need to remind myself to leave the chips alone (hard). Wait! There's More...... Now the scary stuff....
Jackie has to pick her classes for sophomore year, and Driver's Ed is right there in black -n- White, I sure hope her daddy is ready..... because I'm not!! I remember those days like yesterday and driving w/ my mother was extremely hard, ( no wonder I waited several more years to get my license). Oh, okay to be truthful, I failed at all my previous attempts, but they were good years, I got plenty of exercise. Well I hate to go, b/c there is so much more to share but there will eventually be a next time. So til then take care and stay warm.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Family Christmas

Merry Christmas, my family and I celebrated over the weekend. My brother informed me it has been since 1998 that we all have been together and what fun it was. We got to meet the newest little member and that was baby Morgan, see an old friend that I haven't seen in many ages and meet his daughters~ I hung out w/ his sisters, I practically lived there during the later elementary years ( Jr high know) and had lost touch w/ all of them. Cindy did an outstanding job w/ the food as usual, the older boys were as goofy as I remember but it was loving and fun. Matthew got the biggest box in the house, which I had been hopping wasn't going to one of my children. It was Elmo's restaurant and what fun it has been. It was so good to see my sister again, I've missed her and come tomorrow I'll have to miss her again since she and her family are going to Iowa and then back home to Arkansas. I've posted pics below , and I'm sure to blog again soon.

My family @ Christmas

The Sones, Grosse, and church friends

Friday, December 12, 2008

This year we mixed things up a bit, we stayed home for Thanksgivng~ normally we would have been in West Virgina . It was a busy week of get togethers. On Thanksgiving Day we went to my brothers and the great thing is my other brother is stationed here in Illinois and he got to join us. and on that Saturday we went to my sister-in-laws. Tomarrow we will gather again with my family to celebrate a Special Birthday~ Paul is turning one! and Next Saturday will be very special indeed~ It will be the 1st time in a long while that we will all come toghether to celebrate Christmas. My sister and her family are coming home and this will be their first time at meeting the little guy and his mommy. We are all so excited!

Happy 1st Birthday Pauly!

? Amanda, Jackie & Matthew

On the day b4 Thanksgiving. We made a special trip to Lombard to visit Daddy on his work break.
These last few weeks have been somewhat fun, Matthew is talking more & more. The other day while we were lying in bed, ( me somewhat asleep) he told me "get up , I'm done in bed and I'm done sleeping". how cute is that? and when saw a picture of a pool He asked me where his swimsuit was b/c he wanted to go play~ now that took me by surprize! It's so nice he can communicate with me more~ sam = anything with a siren, flow= flavored milk just in case you ever hear him refer to those things but he usually is pretty clear on what he wants.
I just had to share that! Well I Hope everyone is doing good & staying warm. I'm off to bed . Good Night.